Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i need to update a lot more. dont worry. im on it.

ive been pretty busy actually. too busy infact. ive pretty much been neglecting all my online presences... blogger, twitter, LJ, myspace, facebook...

you know what? screw facebook. it's pretty much an example of something new taking over... but it isnt really any better. i really could care less about who wrote what on who's wall, the apps dont make sense to me. i have about 89 notifications about people throwing sheep or taking some movie quiz... i really could care less about how i compare to someone's movie tastes. the only thing i liked about facebook was the fact that i only had friends on there... i could keep all my business and industry contacts and all that to myspace... but noooooo now my personal space has been invaded by johnny cock rocket and a bunch of other people i dont know who want to add me as a friend now. and my inbox? i got like 204 messages in my inbox about crap i could care less about. wasn't that what the myspace bulletins were for? like if you wanted to pay attention you could, but other wise, your inbox was for messages that from people you knew. but now that it's all thrown together, i don't even look in my inbox... people who want to talk to me can email me.

while im into this whole social media thing... i just don't get the complete banality of 85% of facebook's function. i'm just a functional boy living in a functionless facebook world.