Monday, November 3, 2008

yeah. im voting tomorrow.

a guy i know recently posted on myspace :
"If You're Not Fucking With Obama I Don't Need To Know You. Straight the fuck up, I don't even want to know you on the fucking internet. Just delete me from your bullshit friends because if you think voting for McCain is a good idea you are a fucking jackass that I don't need in any aspect of my fucking life.
This also goes for anyone in California who thinks prop 8 is a wise move. As if gay marriage will have any impact on your shitty life."

and yes.

the fresh dudes are adding incentive to voters:

additionally twitter and facebook messages imply a huge interest in voting this time around.

so i guess this is me also saying vote tomorrow. no mater how you think obama already has this state, or how prop 8 has an anemic percentage of voters... it isnt decided till the last of the polls close. make it count kiddies. and no i dont have anything to give you... besides a swift kick to the face from the homey miss Tash-n-dash-yo-azz aka tashaluina if you don't vote.

obama 08. no on 8. and if you are in berkeley. yes on JJ.

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