Tuesday, December 30, 2008

5k08 yall.

its been a long time... i shouldn'ta left you.. with out a dope beat to step to.....

whaddup yall. yeah i been kinda boring lately. but i been out of it kinda. feelin kinda odd. i was actually gonna post a "moody mix" but the new year is coming, so i kinda felt like "fuck it..." in the immortal words of erykah badu: "shake ya load off" and lemme keep steppin. so this mix is my uptempo welcome for the new year with some happyish beats... you know, to get the spirits up for the ne year. the music on here is stuff i rarely get to play out... and there are a bunch of remixes that the local homies have made and some music that other people have passed me that ive been really feelin. so this mix is for everyone. shout out to all the homies that made the good times of 08 happen. we audi500 2008. 09 hollerate. peace yall.


post edit. i decided to throw up a soundslikelist.

sounds like:

common go jazz remix- similak chyld via vin

amerie one thing remix- vinroc/sophomore via vin

mj i cant help it- tangoterje rmx via saker uno

stevie all i do

midnight star midas touch

bossa eye peas yes yall- similak chyld via dj apollo

them masters at work via rodniz

trizonna mcclendon via rinarina

omar its so via stark

unklejam what am i fighting for stizeph

stevie's love is on fire- spinna rmx

ski oakenfull ft amp fiddler- let me be

vikter duplaix a life worth living

roy ayers be searchin vinroc heat rock remix

unklejam love ya herve remix




Well put, young BJza...



Well put BJ!