Monday, December 28, 2009

brigidope nu faves

so before the end of the year i just wanted to highlight some musics/artists that i have been listening to.

suzi analogue. she keeps it pumpin. a lot of her music definitely has that grimey electronic dilla infused sound. but on the other side of the coin it's panty droppin music to F* to.

ive been listening to a lot of devonwho instrumentals and remixes. he did nice little remix of the suzi analogue track i posted. you can peep the remix here

a fellow dj from the LA put me up to MeLo-x's album Mustafa's Renaissance. Then after Maxwell but out Blacksummer's night, i heard about MeLo-X's remix treatment to that album. i keep it in one itunes playlist with Blacksummer's night. MeLo managed to flip songs off the album and make em different while keeping the original vibe and/or emphasizing certain emotions off the song he flipped. in anycase, ive been knocking his maxwell remix project for a minute


blusef said...

Yo I just downloaded MeLo-X Black Summers night beats. No bad.

blusef said...

Just downloaded Melo X's BLACKsummers'nightBLACKsummers'night beats. No bad.