Wednesday, January 27, 2010

you know i had to post about it... the ipad

the internet has swelled in the past few months around the idea of a tablet/slate device coming from apple. and now. finally it's here.

well not there.. but that artist rendering was pretty bang on.... but here:

sooooo whooopdydo. what's it mean? apple now has a 499 computing price point into people's lives.
im not gonna talk about what the ipad does. all the blog recounts of the presentation say that ipod/iphone users already know how to use the ipad. so if that implies the current ipad experience... we all already know.

but here is what i want the ipad to be able to do.

kaosIPAD. hook this up to your laptop and get an efx controller w/ x/y axis control.

tenorIPAD music creator/controller with this "app".

actually any sort of music creator/controller would be ill. people already have those drum/guitar/keyboard apps on their iphones. but this would allow for us to take advantage of the larger screen and space for more functions. i dont know how powerful this 1ghz a4 processor is... but someone put it to the test.

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