Tuesday, September 30, 2008

anudda won.

thinkahher. it was kinda a motivated exercise in mixpression. i was feeling some songs and decided to hit record while practicing. that said, this mix is a little less cleaner than some of my other mixes. it's kinda rough but it's good enough. i just wanted to get some stuff out.
thinkahher. is pretty mellow. some might call it melancholy. i just think it represents one of the many facets of emotion. still dope music regardless.
it's only 14 tracks, but it's 46mins long. i let a bunch of stuff ride out.
so if you are waxing nostalgic about someone, got some stuff to think about, or just need a vibe for a long ride/blunt... this is for you

rjd2- here's whats left
massive attack- protection
sade- somebody already broke my heart
nujabes- peaceland
soulstice- not alone
res- ice king
groove theory- come home
jay dee- ghetto love feat truth hurts
erykah badu- telephone
goapele- back to you
d' angelo- shit damn mutherfucker
handsomeboy modeling school- sunshine
everything but the girl- corcovado
soulstice- tenderly

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