Tuesday, November 18, 2008

beauty and the geek?

In case you didn't know, Chris Pirillo is like the Yoda of online tech-buddha personalities. he pretty much has the tech/web game on lock and his insights on building a blog/website/online personality are enlightening to say the least. A self proclaimed geek, he even has his own geek community @ geeks.pirillo.com.

i hope you can tell i don't mean geek as a derogatory term by now.

just recently, chris posted on twitter about the reality show Beauty and the Geek doing a casting call and inviting members of geeks.pirillo.com to try out. and i must say that im halfway entertaining the notion of trying out. like why not? i mean i pretty much consider myself a geek. i took this okcupid test and scored a "Pure Geek"... and being a dj requires geek tendencies i suppose... so why not do it? at the very least i can represent and maybe cop a gig off it if i go far enough. but yeah... in geek fashion im kinda shy so im not positive on how i feel about being on camera.

well if i dont do it... maybe you should.

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Vinroc said...

HA! do it! If I didn't have a girl I'd sign up to so I can meet mystery. I'll give myself a pimp name too, like "Problem Solved"...ehhh...sic..