Wednesday, February 4, 2009

its interesting what happens when you turn off the tv.

im listening to my wintersoulstice mix. its kinda the business.
i cant sleep. big suprise yay.
like when im lying down my head wont shut up.
but suprisingly not in a way that i really mind.

earlier today, the sis n i went over to kona club to hang out with taka. picked up some cybelles slices over by MB and then on to kona.

pizza. alcohol. kickinitisms at 230. not bad for a tuesday.

started the round off with an averno and ginger beer. so killin it. sounds weird huh. but its really good. after exchanging "whadduppers" we started talking about relationsships and stuff. (yeah we just dive right in to things don't we). i don't think i need to beat that horse any deader so we will say that "it happens". at this point i think i had finished a "stormy waters", it's somekindarum and ginger beer. it was cool, but im not really a rum person. then we had a shot called a "sneaky tiki".

it was sneaky. what a sneaky little tiki.

i think at this time we were talking about jobs and school and religion... you know, typical pre happy hour conversation fare. honestly i dont know if i can really remember completely how the conversation went because the tiki snuck in pretty well at that point. cigarettes were dessert.

kinda gross.

oh well.

the next drink was a shot called a "kiss of death." im serious. i tasted death. and then death told me to stop tasting her.

i took her advice. i dont think i drank after the kiss of death. you kinda want to end your pre happy hour happy hour when you start drinking things with "death" in the name.

it was close to 6 when we left. go yay hi team fun explosion.

home. text. passout. phonecall at like 7. passout. ring. wtf. it's 9? shit. up. hi. end phone call.
productive. now its 4:36 am.

im gonna do more work till i go back to kona.

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Jooyoun said...


I could not find your email on this site - i guess my navigation skills suck or you just don't have one on here? Well, can you send me your info. so i couldn't talk to you more about the event I spoke to you about earlier last week. Thanks.

Also, what's Kona, omg - at first I thought you were going to Hawaii, lol - silly me...