Sunday, November 1, 2009

really though. sorry this blog is so neglected

yeah, i been a flake, but yer boy found a jobby job and i need the cash to fund some of my other endeavors. please to stay tuned though, i got a couple mixes in the works for you guys and working on some much needed re direction for el bloggo.

speaking of el bloggo, peep penelope trunk's post about social media, how and how not to use it. she points out some interesting facts about how large companies use social media... and if you know how they use it, then you can engage them on the same level for hopefully your benefit.

one thing though, she mentions that twitter is for conversations... but in my experience... if you have too many "@replies" your twitter feed will not be interesting to anyone who doesn't know you personally... additionally your twitter feed will eventually dissolve into 2nd hand intertron gossip reading. so unless that's your intention... try be original, have some substance... and use aim/text/skype/carrier pigeon to talk to people directly.

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