Monday, December 1, 2008


it's 6:36am pacific standard time. i havent gone to sleep yet. today might prove to be a little difficult. but ive actually been really productive, made some headway into some work that needed to catching up on, and prepared for a gig i got thursday.

but trust i did a tiny bit of lollygagging. i mean it's me... i procrastinate. i procrastinate almost as well as i dj. and i aint sayin im the best dj... but for damn sure i aint a pushover. i aint little dude status.

and while i was procrastinating i came across this: kanye on conan it was kinda awesome. i dug it. then somewhere in the twitter world i find this:
808s and Heartbreak review at the village voice:

"...And he's become about the millionth post-T-Pain abuser of AutoTune..."

it's just odd. people act like just because what kanye's doing is popular, then it's insincere. additionally people seem to be suprised at the popularity of the autotuner. IT'S BEEN GOING IN THAT DIRECTION FOR YEARS.
while somewhat retaining it's sample roots, hip hop has been progressing towards more electronicaish methods of production. timbaland... neptunes... are we forgetting the videogame bassline of NORE-SUPERTHUG? or "get you bling like that neptunes sound... BOOOP BOOOP."... not to mention Tim' with the signature asr and triton sound... lil jon and the rave synths... all the hyphy shit was all keyboards amd 808 plug ins and most recently the dream and tpain both use predominantly house music methods of production. doesn't it make sense that those methods of production would get applied to vocals eventually? its just a trend. that's the nature of the beast that is hip hop. it adapts and changes. im just wondering when people will figure that out and stop all this whining and mouth running over whats real, who is jumping on what bandwagon, and whether or not they like this "new trend" or not. its fucking music people... if you like it yay. if you don't... then you aint gotta come to the party.

do i really need to point out how hip hop takes pieces of regional hip hop and adopts it into it's own sort of mainstream hip hop lexicon. so it sounds different pretty much every 4 years. THATS WHY WE LIKE IT RIGHT? like the slow "screwed" line punctuations that are pretty common now all come from dj screw (rip) outta texas.

aights. it's 742. time to get ready. point of this rant? none. but basically i was complaining about people complaining...

at least i can admit when im being short sighted.

but just so your efforts in reading this aren't wasted... go here and cop this:

*post edit. village voice doesnt like hyper linking. making me dl the pic and the upload it to photobucket. while i understand it... i am completely annoyed by it. eat poop guys.

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