Thursday, December 4, 2008

my good friend natalie (soulgypsies whattup) just got back from HK and brought me back a neat little gift.

muji is a japanese brand that makes well designed practical things for daily use. from clothing to housewares. imagine if ikea and target had sex, made a kid who grew up to surpass the coolness of their parents. that would probably muji.
in case you hadn't figured out yet, it's a portable mini ashtray.
it's kinda weird and people might not think to keep an ashtray on them. but it definitely helps maintain your smokers mess instead of tossing butts everywhere. and i kinda think it makes a random cig session more of an event. a social meeting. people may think what they want about cigarettes, but you can't deny that well designed thoughtful things are just cool.

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